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Assumed EU cluster-f*ck

Pre-markets are not to happy with the obvious EU election outcomes.

Hollande’s policies are not that bad. And did anyone really expect anything different in Greece? Really?

Trying to figure out why the markets are taking the obvious so negatively. At least the euro is declining. This will help the EU economies, eventually.

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ECB put to work

411Billion euros were deposited at the ECB last night. The banks were paying for their money to be there.

I guess the banks, themselves, still fear a disorderly bank bankruptcy. Unless there is another motive to basically hand over the ECB free money.

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Lower Spain yields

Looks like someone (or group) has fiercely taken on the EU carry trade. Spanish short-term yield are down sharply.

If I could borrow at 1% and get 5-6% in 3-6months, I would. Obviously I’m not alone in this thought.

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